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New Hope

Donations to Guedj village in Senegal Africa

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Our latest project sees us working with Guedj Village in Senegal 🇸🇳

Taik had this to say about the project:

"They are farming for their own good, cultivating some wheat, but collecting and crushing it by hand.

The government has started to install a well and taps around the village but nothing comes out. It's not finished.

The only well they have is 10m deep and they have to collect with a bucket, there is no pump.

The women of the village did a course on how to make soap. They only did the first stage as they currently don't have the money for the next step, but they have managed create soaps for themselves with the skills they have learned so far.

They have a church and a mosque next to each other ❤️

A school has been built by Swiss people.

Our mission will be to invest into the machinery they require for the field work, a fully working well with a pump and investment into more courses for soap making and being able to commercialise it.

Mainly is to help for them to get a sustainable income, whether from the field or soap making.

We are waiting for prices from my friend so we can work on raising enough money to reach the target, with sales of our products and charity help.

To every single one of you who is donating , we will keep you informed of the progress, and you will be welcome to join us when it comes to travel to Guedj and help the people.

Thank you 🙏