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Loofah/scrubber slice

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Loofah/scrubber slice

The loofah or ‘torai’ is a popular vegetable all over India, a dried-out gourd of the cucumber family. When mature, it can be soaked in hot water, and the skin slips off, revealing the fibrous shell (or loofah). Or it can be dried in the fields, the flesh ripens and disappears, leaving only the skeleton and seeds, which are shaken out. What’s left is the fibrous sponge. It’s an excellent, 100% sustainable alternative to plastic, providing a useful income to small-holders and farmers. And since it’s not prone to insects or other pests, no pesticides are used in production.

100% compostable, long-lasting, and - of course - plastic free!

Great for exfoliating, helping to give you clean and healthy skin.

After use, rinse the loofah and allow to dry. Can be cleaned in the washing machine, or soaked in a mixture of warm water and baking soda or water and vinegar.